by Joy Qian

This course is deliciated to help people who are struggling with the Chinese pronunciation : Pinyin, and also those who are planning to learn Mandarin but don't know where to start.

My goal here is to be able to help people to be more confident when speaking Chinese. I will go through all the sounds there are in Mandarin step by step and meanwhile making some phrases, sentences and comparison between English and Chinese.

We must admit mastering a new complete language is not an easy journey and not everyone can last to the end and achieve the final goal, as it needs strategies, lots of practice, hard work and more importantly, persistency and consistency. So I will try to make it a bit easier and more enjoyable during this learning journey.

Besides, this course will be very practical, sincere, natural and real as I won't have any script or preparation. As it will be all based on my experiences and philosophies as a teacher in real life for many years.

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